PT Phoenix Geosystem Indonesia (PGI)

Phoenix Geosystem

PT. Phoenix Geosystem Indonesia (PGI) was established in 2005 through the alliance of several professionals in geophysical, applied geophysical, electrical and civil engineering.

The growing success of PT PGI can be attributed to the diverse expertise of its principals and to the rigorous quality standards applied to logistics, data processing, integrated interpretation, and the distribution and sale of Phoenix Geophysics equipment and software of Geosoft in Indonesia.

By concentrating on our client's expectations of technology, performance and quality, PT PGI has built a rapidly growing portfolio of successful projects.

Our Goal:

To be Indonesia's leading supplier of non-seismic mining equipment, training and education, and exploration services.

Our Mission:

  1. To provide internationally recognized high quality non-seismic geophysical hardware and software, particularly for electromagnetic (EM) and magnetotelluric (MT) techniques.

  2. To provide workshops, training, and education in magnetotelluric geophysics, from theoretical background to survey design and data acquisition, processing, modelling, and interpretation.

  3. To provide lease-based EM/MT equipment to geophysical service providers and to government research and development institutions.

  4. To provide Indonesia with services in natural-resources exploration on land, under water, and overseas, focusing on energy sources (oil, gas, geothermal), metallic minerals, groundwater, and environmental and geotechnical problems.

Geoscience Pioneers

Our engineers and geophysicists pioneered advances in controlled-source electromagnetic techniques, the induced polarization method, and natural-field electromagnetic measurements.

Research and Development

Our scientists are leaders in applying electrical methods to exploration. Constant innovation of Phoenix equipment and techniques keeps us a world leader in the geophysical industry. Phoenix's expert engineers rapidly translate ideas and concepts into the next generation of equipment.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Phoenix techniques and instruments are non-invasive and do not harm the environment. The safety of operators is a high priority : our controlled-source equipment incorporates complete voltage and current protection.

Service and Training

We provide complete service, and support for every instrument and sensor we manufacture. On site, in-field, and international training, as well as ongoing support, are offered to all our clients.